Project Time Allocation Queries & Management

Allocation Queries & Management

Command (Bebop) Command (Blues) Description
lcrc-sbank -q balance <proj_name> lcrc-qbank -q balance -p <proj_name> Query a specific project balance.
lcrc-sbank -q balance Query all of your project balances.
lcrc-sbank -q default lcrc-qbank -q default Query your default project.
lcrc-sbank -s default <proj_name> lcrc-qbank -s default <proj_name> Change your default project.

lcrc-sbank -q trans <proj_name>

lcrc-qbank -q trans -p <proj_name>

Query all transactions on a project.

Requesting Additional Time

Occasionally, some LCRC projects might use up their half-yearly time allocation well before the start of their next half-yearly allocation. This can happen if the computations require more time than anticipated or if more case studies need to be completed. Under such circumstances, the project PIs can request additional time with proper justification via the web-form here. If the PI is requesting additional time in the first or the third quarter, the time required for each quarter should be specified. For instance, if a PI requires 300K core-hours towards the end of November, he/she should specify the time required for the first quarter (till Dec 31st) and the second quarter (Jan 1st – March 31st) separately.

The LCRC core team meets every Wednesday and reviews all time requests for both new and existing projects. The LCRC core team can grant additional time up to 150K core-hours with requests above this needing approval from the LCRC allocations committee. In the above example, if the PI requests 100K core-hours for the first quarter (till Dec 31st) and 200K core-hours for the second quarter, LCRC can grant 100K for the first quarter and have the allocation committee decide the time allocation for the second quarter. Time requests made during the second or fourth quarter are for that particular quarter only. In the above scenario, if the PI were to request 300K core-hours in mid-January, this would be for the second quarter only. PIs are reminded that any unused additional time will also expire at the end of the quarter. For instance, if a PI requested 100K core-hours for the first/third quarter and used only 40K core-hours, 60K core-hours would be lost at the end of the quarter.

The web-form here is used for requesting time for the next fiscal year after the first week of September. PIs that require additional time after the first week of September for the current fiscal year (till the end of September), should send an email to requesting additional time with proper justification.

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