Available Software

With over 300 active users in fields as diverse as climate modeling, engine simulation, and ab-initio molecular dynamics, LCRC provides a diverse software stack. See our list of available software for more information on what is already installed.

If you don’t see a software package that you would like to use, shoot us an email at and ask us to install it. We use a package manager called Spack for most of our software installs. Keep in mind that the software you want may have dozens of dependencies that also need to be installed, so it may take a while. If the software you want is already available in Spack, the process will be much quicker. Of course, you’re always welcome to install your own software in your home directory as well.

Managing Your Environment

We use a program called SoftEnv to manage environment variables. See our SoftEnv tutorial for information on how to find and load various software packages into your environment.

Note: Once Bebop, our newest cluster, lands, we plan on making the switch to Modules. SoftEnv was developed here at ANL back before programs like Modules or LMod existed. It is no longer under active development, and even the developers of SoftEnv are planning on switching to Modules. We will provide a tutorial on getting started with Modules to ease this transition.

Software Sidebar