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LCRC Project and Allocations

All computing carried out on Jazz is associated with a "project". Whenever a computing job runs on any computing node, the time that that job uses will be counted and recorded as computing use by the associated project. A job must have a project in order to run on the computing nodes.

This web page describes projects in detail, including policies, concepts, background, and so on. There are other web pages related to projects and allocations:

An Example

As an example for how projects work, consider a project named popcorn, which might have a project title of "Simulation of Popcorn Kernel Dynamics".

The project would have an allocation, perhaps of 20,000 initial hours for the year, and might have a PI and 3 other scientists on it.

If one of the scientists runs a job as part of the Popcorn project for 10 hours across 100 nodes, then that would use 1000 hours of the total allocation, leaving 19,000 hours.

Once the 19,000 hours was gone, the project would be unable to use the system for the rest of the year. At the point, the project might determine that it needs more time on the system, which it could request from the LCRC Allocation Board.

Project PIs and Accounts

Each project has exactly one Primary Investigator, or PI. The PI is generally the person who requested that the project be created on Jazz.

Except for "startup projects", as described below, PIs must be current Argonne employees.

A project can have one or more accounts associated with it. Some projects may only have one account (the PI), while others may have dozens.

An account can be associated with more than one project, and can also be the PI on more than one project.

The PI is responsible for adding and removing accounts from projects.

The PI is responsible for administering the allocation associated with the project, i.e. describing who on the project can use how much of the allocation. There are a set of tools available for this type of management available on the Managing existing projects page.

A project can have a co-PI, who also has the ability to manage the project like the PI. Co-PIs do not need to be current Argonne employees.

Startup Projects and Allocations

In order to help promote the use of the system and to foster new projects, all accounts are given a "startup project". The startup project can be used by someone getting familiar with the system, planning a new project, as "breeding ground" for new project ideas, or whatever the user wishes.

The startup project has a 1000 hour allocation. The startup projects will not be allocated more time beyond the initial 1000 hours. The 1000 hours will never expire, i.e. it does not have to be used in the first year.

Startup projects should be used only by the account originally associated with that project.

It is expected that anyone wishing to use the system for more than 1000 hours will either request their own project or join someone else's project.

The Project Life Cycle, from the PI perspective

Projects will go through basically this life cycle:

Allocation Usage and Tracking

Actual usage of allocations:

Last Updated: 5/19/2003

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