LCRC Newsletter Extra: Enter Bebop

LCRC Community,

On Monday, March 13, Cray delivered Argonne’s new institutional cluster to building 240. LCRC continues the theme of jazz music computer names, from Jazz, to Fusion, to Blues, and now Bebop. For those unfamiliar with Bebop, here is Charlie Parker playing solo in “Ko Ko”:

Bebop has 1024 compute nodes, with a peak capability of 1.5 petaflops (1.5 * 1015 arithmetic operations per second), and 125 terabytes of memory (1.25 * 1014 bytes). This is about 10x the capability of Blues and 5x the memory. As work progresses, future status reports will provide more details and updates about its installation, integration with Blues, and transition to operations.

Best regards,

Ray Bair

LCRC Director