FY2018 requests due Sept. 7

FY2018 requests to use Argonne’s Laboratory Computing Resource Center (LCRC) are due Thursday, Sept. 7, 2017.

LCRC is a laboratory resource for science and engineering with mid-range supercomputers. Anyone with an Argonne position and a parallel computing/analysis project may request free computer time on Argonne’s new Bebop cluster, a 1024-node high-performance computer featuring a wide array of software tools and science/engineering applications.

Over 300 million core-hours will be available on Bebop for FY2018. Additional information, along with links to web-based application forms, documentation and other assistance, is available here. For a direct link to the request pages you can go here for existing projects and here for new projects. LCRC’s expert staff of computational scientists and HPC systems administrators are ready to help make your project a success.