Blues Upgrade on April 1, 2019

On April 1, 2019, the LCRC Blues computer will be down for an update to its operating system, compilers, libraries, and job manager. We expect this to take one day. Bebop will continue operating during the Blues update. The objective is to run the same software stack on Blues and Bebop. Of course, differences in the interconnect fabrics on Blues and Bebop do make for differences in building codes. So, you will need separate executable images for Blues and Bebop.

After the update, Blues users will need to do three things:

(1) Update build scripts to use Modules. Note: compilers will have been updated.

(2) Recompile your codes. LCRC staff have rebuilt some community codes already. Please let us know if a code you had been using is absent.

(3) Update job submission scripts to use Slurm commands.

As we get closer to April 1, additional instructions will be posted here:

If you have questions, please contact