LCRC FY2020 Project Renewal and New Project Requests Due Sept. 6


LCRC FY2020 project renewal and new project requests are due at 5:00 PM CDT on Friday, September 6, 2019.

Industry partnership projects will be assigned to Blues, and everything else to Bebop. If your work requires a different arrangement (e.g., Blues big memory/GPU nodes), make your case in your allocation request, and the Allocations Committee will review it.

To renew your existing project, please use the renewal form on your project’s management page on the LCRC Accounts website. Go to the Projects page at:
login, and click on the name of the project which you’ll be renewing from the list that appears. This will take you to the individual project’s management page where you must click on the “Project Renewal Request Form” link at the top of the page.

A form will then appear with places to enter the project related data. You will need to enter an updated project description highlighting your plans for FY2020, and an allocation request with the desired amount for FY2020. As in previous years, specify your project’s time request by quarter. Please fill in all 4 quarters on your request. Note that unused time for a quarter expires at the end of each quarter; see for the details of the policy. Please also take the time to update any other information about your project which might have changed. If your request is significantly larger than FY2019, please give a heads-up to your project’s Point of Contact on the Allocations Committee.

Also indicate if your project is an “industry” project. A typical industry project may have funding from a company, effort from a company, or a formal collaboration (e.g., CRADA). It is expected that the results of the industry project will not only advance the state-of-the-art in a given discipline but also significantly benefit a certain industry sector. Please clearly identify the roles of Argonne and the industry partner in the box on the request form, and whether the results will be proprietary.

For project requests of 800,000 core-hours or more per year, you must fill in the Large Allocation Efficiency section. Tell us two things (i) how you know that your code is efficient and scales well, and (ii) how you computed the time request (i.e., show your math).

Once all the data on the form is up-to-date and complete, press the ‘Submit Renewal’ button at the bottom. You will then be returned to the individual project page with a message at the top indicating that the renewal request was successfully sent. You and the project’s Co-PIs will be sent a copy of the request via email. If you do not see the message on the project page or don’t receive the email, please contact [email protected] with the name of the project and the date and time that you requested the renewal.


Requests for new projects for FY2020 are now being accepted as well. To submit a NEW project request, please use the link at:


The deadline for requests is Friday, September 6th (5:00 pm CDT). The LCRC Allocations Committee will review all FY2020 requests and meet to make decisions. PIs submitting the largest requests (as individuals or through groups of related projects) may be asked to provide a more detailed explanation of their usage including performance and scaling reports. These PIs will be contacted individually.

For projects requesting a renewal, a FY2019 Yearly Project Report is required to have been submitted before FY2020 allocations will be started. FY2019 Project Reports can be submitted using the form at:

If you have any questions, please send them to [email protected].

Thank you,
The LCRC Staff