LCRC Blues Outage, 3PM Dec 6 – Noon Dec 9

LCRC Users,

There is an upcoming building 240 Data Center (the room housing the LCRC resources) power maintenance set for Friday, December 6, 2019 through Monday, December 9. This outage will affect the entire Blues cluster. This outage is not expected to affect the Bebop cluster. We will take down the Blues cluster around 3PM on December 6th and expect the cluster to be operational again by mid-day on Monday, the 9th. This outage will be in lieu of our normal monthly maintenance day, so we don’t expect to take down Bebop on the 9th either.

This affects the entire LCRC Blues cluster including all condo nodes. The LCRC Globus endpoint may also be down during this time.

We will also set a temporary reservation during this time (4PM – ~6PM on December 6th) on the Bebop cluster as we re-route power from a central switch to another power source. We don’t expect this to affect Bebop, but just in case, we will use this reservation to ensure things remain in a good state during the swap.

We will send a reminder to this list prior to the outage. If you have any questions, please contact support at

LCRC Support Team