LCRC Account Changes Complete

LCRC Users,

We completed the work for today outlined in
Both Bebop and Blues are configured to use Argonne Domain and Argonne Collaborator usernames now for login with SSH keys just as before.

Usernames were changed from what we had on and previous SSH keys should work if your account is still active. You can manage your account and projects at which you should see now presents a brand new interface. Please login here as needed with your Argonne Domain or Argonne Collaborator username and password. We will update our documentation more tomorrow at to reflect how to use this interface. We did change the process documentation on how to request an LCRC account and add SSH keys already. If you can login to the accounts page, but not LCRC clusters, please try adding a new SSH key first. It will be added to the clusters instantly without our intervention.

We expect there to be a number of users who cannot login due to not previously giving us your username or not yet having one. Again, please refer to for more information. If you still have questions, please send us an email. Starting tomorrow morning, we will begin addressing all of these issues and more. We also expect there may be some file permissions issues for the handful of users that we needed to change UIDs for also. Again, please let us know if you find any issues. This was a massive change to the LCRC environment and we are bound to find unexpected issues. We appreciate your patience in the matter as we quickly try to address any found issues!

For questions or issues, please email [email protected]

LCRC Support Team