Maintenance Day Moved for Power Outage & Global Scratch Cleanup

LCRC Users,

We will be moving our October monthly maintenance in LCRC one week later due to an upcoming planned datacenter power outage on Monday, October 19th. To prepare for this, we will begin shutting down the LCRC resources on Sunday, October 18th at 4PM Central time. We expect to have the clusters back up around Noon Central time on Tuesday, October 20. If the power outage is resolved earlier in the day on Monday, we will work to get the systems up earlier.

ALL LCRC resources (Bebop, Blues, Webservers, Accounts, etc.) will be unavailable during this time.

In addition, we will be cleaning up the LCRC Global Scratch space located at /lcrc/globalscratch. If you have any data in this directory, this will need to be moved to a project folder or copied off of the LCRC clusters ahead of this maintenance window. All data not moved prior to this day will be deleted permanently. As a reminder, this scratch space is used for temporary storage of large data and not to be used long term.

As always please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing support at

LCRC Support Team