LCRC Swing GPU Cluster Now Available

LCRC Users,

LCRC is opening up the Swing GPU cluster for general access starting now! LCRC users now have access to 6x nodes with 8x NVIDIA A100 40GB GPUs each. Full details in the links below.

Information about running jobs on Swing is available here:

General system information can be found here:

If you would like to submit jobs on Swing, project PIs and proxies can request time the same way as you currently do for Bebop and Blues. You can follow the instructions outlined below and you will notice a new allocation request field for ‘Swing’ in your project(s) located on the LCRC accounts pages:

If you wish to request a new project for Swing, please see:

Lastly, Argonne employees should have a startup allocation with 100 GPU hours. This time has been deposited under a Slurm account on Swing named “startup-<your-Argonne-username>” if applicable.

Allocations Note
Swing, unlike other LCRC clusters, charges allocation time based on GPU Hours instead of Core Hours. Please factor this in when applying for time on Swing.

Please see GPU Hour Usage for more details.

As always please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing [email protected].

LCRC Support Team