LCRC News and Notes for December 2021


Below we have outlined a few important notes regarding the LCRC systems including the upcoming holiday schedule. If you have any questions, please email support at Thanks for another great year and happy holidays!

Maintenance on Monday, December 13, 2021
We will be performing our monthly maintenance in LCRC on Monday, 12/13/2021. All LCRC clusters will be unavailable during this time. We are expecting to have the clusters available again relatively quickly as we are planning to run only a variety of network tests. Any jobs submitted with a walltime that crosses into the maintenance schedule will not begin until the maintenance reservations are lifted.

Holiday Schedule
Argonne will be closed starting on December 23, 2021, at COB Central through January 3, 2022. During this time, LCRC support staff will be unavailable for general inquiries and support barring any major system failure. All LCRC resources WILL be available during this time as normal for any over the break job submissions.

FY22 Q2 Allocations
FY22 Quarter 2 allocations will be granted on January 4, 2022, around 10AM Central also due to the holiday break. Any time currently on the project will not expire until then. Once the time is granted, another email will be sent to this list.

New Swing GPU Cluster Partition
A new partition has been added to the LCRC Swing GPU cluster. In addition to the default ‘gpu’ partition, we’ve added 1 node to the new ‘gpu-large’ partition. This new node has 8x NVIDIA A100 SXM4 80GB GPUs, 2TB RAM and 28TB of local scratch space (all doubling the resources of the other 5 GPU nodes). This is ready to use today for all LCRC users. We have updated the Swing documentation as well on the LCRC website.

If you are unfamiliar with LCRC Swing, as a reminder this is a 6 node GPU LCRC cluster available to ALL LCRC users. Time on Swing can be requested just as you would for Bebop and Blues. For more details, please see:

Storage Policies
We have formally updated a couple of items on our storage policy regarding home and condo spaces:

All home directories are initially created with owner read/write/execute privileges. Users are free to give read/execute privileges to group/world if they desire on their own home directory. Group/world write access on home directories is prohibited. LCRC is not responsible for any access granted by the user beyond the defaults set at creation time. We recommend reviewing your home directory permissions at regular intervals.

When LCRC moves to a new shared storage system (roughly every 5-7 years) and if you have condo storage paid for on the old system, we have a couple of options. If your existing storage amounts to less than 50 terabytes, we will move your data over to the new storage for free, and there is no future charge. Otherwise, the lifetime of your purchased storage is 5 years after we first made the space available to the group. This may overlap the new storage availability. At the end of your 5 years, and if we have changed storage systems in the interim, your space reverts to the general pool (with advanced notice). Of course, you can buy new space to replace it if this is an option at the time.

Please see the below for more details:
Jenkins Webserver Retirement
We have retired the LCRC Jenkins instance as this has been relatively unused.

LCRC Support Team