Notes on Upcoming FY23 Q1 Allocations

LCRC Users,

Due to the timing of the new quarter falling on the weekend, FY23 Q1 LCRC allocations will instead be granted right around 10AM on Monday, October 3, 2022. The FY22 Q4 allocations will be extended till Oct 3rd. In addition, a short reservation will be placed on the Bebop and Swing clusters to address the following changes and will be lifted right after we finish granting time:

The Broadwell partitions are heavily oversubscribed. To enable a faster turnaround time, the maximum wall time on the Broadwell partitions (bdwall/bdw/bdwd) will be limited to 72 hours. KNL partitions will remain unchanged at 168 hours.

The maximum wall time on Swing will also be limited to 24 hours.

Late allocation requests (received after Sept 19th) will have their time restricted to the KNL partition. PIs who submitted incomplete information in their original requests and who did not respond to the LCRC request for complete information will have their projects on hold. These projects will be treated as late requests and granted time on the KNL partition after providing the information requested by LCRC. Project requests showing core-hour usage computations based on the KNL nodes will also be restricted to the KNL partition.

Users are requested to make appropriate changes in their submit scripts. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

LCRC Support Team