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  • Upcoming LCRC Outage Starting July 28

    LCRC Users, The building 240 data center, which houses all the LCRC resources, will experience a complete shutdown starting Friday, July 28 through Monday, July 31. ALL LCRC resources will be powered down during this time (compute/login nodes, filesystems, condo nodes, web, etc.). To prepare… Read More

  • LAMMPS on Swing

    LAMMPS on one of Swing’s A100 GPUs is about ten times faster than LAMMPS on a Bebop Broadwell Node. Speedups increase as the size of the model increases.  For models containing more than 50,000 atoms you can expect speedups of more than an order of… Read More

  • LCRC FY23 Quarter 4 Allocations Granted

    LCRC Users, LCRC projects have been granted allocations for FY23 Quarter 4 (July-September) on Bebop and Swing. If your project requested time and was approved for Quarter 4, you can check the project balance by running the following command on any Bebop or Swing nodes:… Read More

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