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  • LCRC Project Renewals and New Project Requests for FY2024 are due Sept. 11 2023

    LCRC FY2024 project renewals and new project requests are due at 5:00 PM CDT on Monday, September 11, 2023. Important note to users: LCRC is anticipating bringing our new cluster – Improv – into production for FY2024 (currently, we are in the “acceptance stage” of… Read More

  • FY2023 LCRC Project Reports are due Sept. 4, 2023

    As the PI for an LCRC project, you are required to submit concise reports of the accomplishments for each of your LCRC projects (separately) during the 2023 fiscal year (Oct 2022-Sept 2023). These reports are very important. They document the impact of LCRC as a… Read More

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