Data Policy

Use of Proprietary/Licensed Software

All software used on LCRC systems must be appropriately acquired and used according to the licensing agreements. Possession or use of illegally copied software is prohibited. Users shall not copy copyrighted software, unless explicitly permitted by the copyright holder(s). Use of export-controlled codes is also prohibited.

Data Storage Systems

Data stored on LCRC resources should only be data directly related to work done on the LCRC systems. Currently, users have access to two storage spaces (1) home file system space (2) project space. The ability for projects to archive data to tape will also be available soon.

The home file system space for each user is primarily intended to hold source codes, executable files, configuration files and other such files and is currently 100 GB. Beyond this limit, write-access is denied.

Data files from simulations should be stored in the project space allocated to each project. Each project is allocated 1 TB of space. PIs can request additional space with proper justification to LCRC. Each application is carefully reviewed by the LCRC team to determine if additional storage space is justified. It must be emphasized that the project space is shared between all members of a project. The project PIs should ensure that individual members of the project manage their simulation data files in order to not exceed the allocated storage space. LCRC has a soft limit of 1 TB and a hard limit of 2 TB. These limits imply that the system will allow a project to exceed the nominal soft limit of 1 TB but not the hard limit of 2 TB for 14 days. These flexible storage limits allows projects to complete simulations that might require higher storage for a period of 14 days without stopping an on-going simulation. However, no further writes are allowed after the project reaches the hard limit of 2 TB or is above the 1 TB limit beyond the 14-day period.

Backups/Tape Archiving

Please see our storage writeup for complete details on our backup and archive solution.

Storage policy for ex-project members

Students, post-docs and Argonne staff members are encouraged to manage their home file systems and data files before their final departure day from Argonne. Please contact the support team at LCRC if you are unable to to do.

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