Getting Started

As a new LCRC user, please refer to the below documentation on how to get started. After you have read through the below, you’ll then be ready to start Using the LCRC resources.

Getting an LCRC Account
An Argonne account is required in order to access our systems. This page provides instructions on how to request an account or reactivate/extend a collaborator account and gain access to LCRC clusters.
Current LCRC users who have either forgotten their password or can no longer login to the clusters should visit our Support page for further instructions.
Logging In and SSH Keys
This page provides instructions on how to generate an SSH key pair and log in to our systems for the first time.
Projects in LCRC
All computing carried out on LCRC clusters is associated with a specific project (also known as an account in Slurm). Whenever a computing job runs on any computing node, the time the job uses will be counted and recorded as computing use by the associated project. A job must have a project in order to run on the computing nodes and will be assigned to your default project if none has been specified in your job script. A project must also have computing time available in order to run. This page provides detailed information on this subject including creating, managing and joining projects as well as project time management.
Industry Collaboration
LCRC offers partnerships between ANL and industry. This page provides more information on what is available.

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