Available Software

With over 500 active users in fields as diverse as climate modeling, engine simulation, and ab-initio molecular dynamics, LCRC provides a diverse software stack. See our list of available software for more information on what is already installed. If you don’t see a software package installed in our environment that you would like to use, please let us know by contacting [email protected]. You can also find in-depth user guides on some specific installed software here as well.

We generally use a package manager called Spack for most of our software installs, but often need to install packages manually. Keep in mind that the software you want may have dozens of dependencies that also need to be installed, so it may take some time for us to complete the installation for you. Of course, you’re always welcome to install your own software in your home or project directory (if applicable) as well.

Managing Your Environment With Lmod

LCRC resources are using Lmod (Lua Environment Modules) for environment variable management. SoftEnv has been deprecated in LCRC as most other sites are using Environment Modules or Lmod instead. Lmod has several advantages over SoftEnv. For example, it prevents you from loading multiple versions of the same package at the same time. It also prevents you from having multiple compilers and MPI libraries loaded at the same time. See the Lmod User Guide for information on how to use Lmod. If you are used to using SoftEnv and want to know the equivalent commands for Lmod, here is a handy cheat sheet.