Lmod/SoftEnv Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet comparing commands for both SoftEnv and Lmod

Finding Available Modules

Task SoftEnv Lmod
List available modules for the current compiler/MPI library module avail
List all available modules softenv module spider
List modules with a certain keyword in their description module keyword
List currently loaded modules module list

Loading/Unloading Modules

Task SoftEnv Lmod
Load a module soft add module load
Unload a module soft delete module unload
Switch compiler/MPI library module swap
Reload all modules resoft module update
Unload all modules module purge

Setting Default Modules

Task SoftEnv Lmod
File containing default modules ~/.soft ~/.lmod.d/default
Save currently loaded modules module save
Save currently loaded modules to a new collection module save <filename>
Restore previously saved modules module restore
Restore previously saved modules from another collection module restore <filename>
Return to default modules module reset

Finding More Information on a Module

Task SoftEnv Lmod
Print info for a module module whatis
Print description of a module module help
See contents of a module soft-dbq module show
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