Using LCRC

Once you’ve followed through our documentation on Getting Started in LCRC, you’ll then be ready to begin using the LCRC resources. Please refer to the below for more information.

Running Jobs
Find more information here about how to run jobs on the LCRC computing resources.
Using Software
Find more information about using pre-built software available on LCRC resources.
Data, Storage and Limits
Find more information here about accessing data that is stored on LCRC resources and transferring files.

Storage Overview
Filesystem Quotas
Home, Project, and Group Disk
Local and Global Scratch Disk
Backups and Archives
Transferring files to/from LCRC

Managing Projects and Allocated Computing Hours
Find more information here about how to check your LCRC project balances, change your default project and make changes to your project including requesting more computing time, adding users, etc.

Project Allocation Queries and Management
Requesting Additional Project Time
Project PIs and User Accounts
Joining an Existing Project

Monthly Maintenance Day
Find more information here about our maintenance schedule in LCRC.

Using LCRC Sidebar