Argonne’s Laboratory Computing Resource Center was established in 2002-3 to provide high performance computing (HPC) capabilities for Argonne's programs and to grow HPC expertise at the Laboratory. Today LCRC operates the Blues and Fusion clusters which provide mid-range supercomputing resources for Laboratory research projects, expanding our research horizons, supporting laboratory initiatives, and making us more competitive. With that in mind we provide user assistance and training so that we can make science and engineering projects more productive and more successful. We provide a spectrum of applications and tools on our clusters and work toward training people to use them and enable them to run larger and more complex studies. We also promote datacenter efficiency and consolidation through programmatic additions to our clusters that can be dedicated to specific projects.

LCRC operates Blues, a 500 node computing cluster and Fusion, a 360 node computing cluster, as production systems and software development platforms. LCRC also provides user support and training, and maintains a wide range of scalable applications and tools. In addition, LCRC facilitates datacenter consolidation and efficiency via partnerships with Laboratory programs.

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Information on our newest Haswell queue nodes can be found "Information on Blues"

We have instituted a quota of 100GB for home directories. You can find out more information on the filesystems and how to check your usage on the Filesystems page "Information on Filesystems"