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  • Upcoming System Plans

    The Improv cluster has been in production since late October. The Bebop cluster is 7 years old and will eventually be phased out. We will begin the phase out process by turning off the KNL nodes on Bebop during the next LCRC maintenance in February… Read More

  • LCRC Globus Endpoint Replacement

    We have stood up a new Globus Connect Server v5 (GCSv5) collection for LCRC. The new endpoint name is “LCRC Improv DTN”. This new endpoint will replace the legacy LCRC globus server “lcrc#dtn_bebop”. When using Globus to transfer files to/from LCRC, users should now use… Read More

  • LCRC Improv Cluster Now Available

    LCRC Community, The Improv cluster is now available to all users. Information about logging in and running jobs on Improv is available: The filesystems are mounted at the same locations as on Bebop and Swing, so no data transfers between… Read More