To request more time for your LCRC project, please visit Requesting Additional Project Time for details.

For Argonne Domain/Argonne Collaborator account password resets or pending account status, please contact the Argonne Service Desk via email at or telephone at (630) 252-9999.

To submit a help ticket for any other login or support issues, please email the LCRC Support Team at

Furthermore, announcements of interest to LCRC’s user community, including system status alerts, are made via email to By default every LCRC user is subscribed to this list. This list is not intended for general discussion and any emails to this list will be discarded by default.

The LCRC Support Team is dedicated to helping users make the best use of the LCRC facilities. A wide range of information is available on the web. If you are unable to find the answers that you need within the web site, please contact us directly with any questions or requests. Your feedback is also appreciated.

You may also contact LCRC Support for non-system related issues. We are available to help with user code optimization and debugging, documentation, training, and third-party applications and library support within LCRC.